Friday, January 14, 2005

Rotura, New Zealand

Ever wonder how to get a Zorb back to the top of the hill? A Zorb conveyor of course!

I think that's me

At the bottom

Zorb conquest!

Kiwi sign at the kiwi hatchery, the only place I saw a live kiwi

Tehokowhitu -A-Tu native village built on a thermal area

Kids playing

More of the kids


Old house

Hot gyser

More thermal vents


Thermal stuff

Hot pool

Christian influence

Close up

Meeting house

Thermal vents

Thermal mud pools

More thermal mud pools, in front of a mural

large thermal area


Us in front of the geyser

Thermal lakes

Blue Lake


Start of the traditional dinner and dance

Cooking the food outside

Traditional performance




Audience participation. They picked Mhairi as one of the girls to go up on stage with them



Then they picked me as one of the guys



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