Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Feeding the Mob

Had an update at work on the new product line I’ll we working on next year. It turns out the only market presently identified for this particular chip is Japanese slot machines (Pachinko machines). Yup, just slot machines, with 450 million dollars of potential market a year for us. They also mentioned that working with this customer is a little different than others; it’s harder to get set specs in the usual timeframe. This didn't suprise many though, since the entire industry is apparently owned and operated by the Japanese mafia.

As long as you’re making a difference in the world; that’s what matters. The current product I'm working on mainly goes into cell phones. I suppose its not much different either way, working on a product that helps people engage in addictive, unnecessary, money gobbling activities that can cause them to ignore the people around them, or helping them gamble.


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