Thursday, November 17, 2005

Veteran's Day Train

Sac Light Rail was very ambiguous about its schedule on Veteran’s Day. Signs posted on the train said the day would be a holiday. The website listed two categories of holidays, major holidays that were holidays, and certain ones that would follow the holiday schedule, which wasn’t posted on the site. The paper schedules didn’t list what days were holidays but did list some routes as having an “H” next to them, which wouldn’t run on holidays. The “H” routes were every other route before 10:00am, which coincidently coincided with every train that actually ran to Folsom, insinuating that it was impossible to get to the city via train on holidays. Retarded. Although I assumed that the schedule was messed up in some way, none of the regular downtown to Intel train ‘n bike commuters were going to risk it. Later that evening rumors circulated of seeing trains labeled “Folsom” running in the morning. Regardless, I took the opportunity to bike to work that morning, the last time for the season. With the time change, it would be possible to start biking to work in the morning, but I’m pressed for time these days, and biking takes at least and extra ½ hour, probably a little more, plus the added packing of clothes, ect. I did want to ride one more time though, and get a chance to see the fall leaves on the trail.


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