Monday, December 27, 2004

Road Trip South Island, New Zealand: Fairly, Mining town, lakes, and overlooks

Fairly Hotel

Looking up Fairly

Looking down Fairly


clear water (This is pretty much par for the course in New Zealand)

Mt Cook

Mhairi taking a picture of flowers. You might notice a trend in this

sign post

sign post again (I was playing the manual settings on my camera)

Mhairi on bridge

mining town

glacial lake

me doing something

old church

collie statue

me n' lake

This only begs the question: What would George Bush Do? I'm guessing it would involve something to do with oil drilling oil

Mt Cook



other side of lake? Maybe the same lake

more flowers. I think I maybe took this one though

Wait, what. Oh my gosh, its a picture of flowers

I can tell Mhairi took this one. Framed very well

Lunch stop

me getting frisbee

and walking out

Bike Fence!

more river


more of mining town. (She was probably looking at the flowers)




More river

Under mining town






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