Wednesday, March 16, 2005

My first brick

Equipoise's postings on "bricks" inspired me, so I did my first brick this morning. This was actually inevitable. I'm in the process of getting back into running shape, and at the same time biking to work on a semi-regular basis. Currently, I see the 10mile bike as part of working out, especially while trying to maintain a decent pace. The goal is to get in good enought biking shape that it doesn't phase me, and I stop thinking of it as a workout. Then, I'll be able to run on a regular basis, regardless of when I bike to work. Hence, despite sleeping in this morning, I jumped on the treadmill for a little bit after arriving at the work fitness center to shower. Today it wasn't really a brick, it was much smaller, possibly some other, more elegant clay object, like a vase, or a sunflower coaster. I only went for 1.75 miles, but I still followed my rule, that regardless of how far I had already ran or biked, the last mile on the treadmill gets done with the speed maxed out. On that note, I found that at least the newer treadmills in the fitnes center go up to level 10, not just 9.9 which I think is the limit on the older ones. Overall, slightly sore, but I think that might be just as much from the climbing last night, than the running this morning.


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