Tuesday, March 22, 2005

my two cents

Everyone seems to be making comments on the schiavo case. Its impossible not to hear something about it unless you choose to not pay any attention to the news what so ever, which maybe isn't that bad of an idea. I somewhat feel that making any more comments on the issue only furthers the problem since the media is also to blame for starting this going in the first place. Then again, no one forced anyone to make completely ignorant, irrational, and unimformed decisions on the matter once they heard it on the news. They chose to do that themselves. Anyway, this case is such a bog of utter political swill, reaching a new low for the two faced hypocritical self serving "christian" conservatives, that all I'm going to say is this. Every member of congress that voted in favor of the emergency bill this past weekend, republican and democrat, house and senate(all 3 of them), should be impeached on grounds of proffessional negligence. Then, they should have to walk back to their home states naked, with a rock of shame shackled to their ankle. I don't care if professional negligence is even a real offense. If nothing else, maybe we can get 3 members of each congressional wing together to take a vote and make it an impeachable offense.

Also, I like Oil is for Sissies comment regarding a good compromise.


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