Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Frazier Falls

Here's a pic from a solo trip I took over 4th of July weekend.
Intel gives us an extra day off for that holiday compared to most employers, so I decided to take a trip up into mountains. The day ended up basically consisting of driving. I kind of winged it on picking a destination, and apparently the really curvy lines on the map take much longer to get across, and are longer distances that the big fat lines on the map. It was a great day to drive though, with the top and doors off the jeep. The mountain air was perfect. Not quite sure if it was worth driving 300 miles round trip to just do one hike, especially since that one hike consisted of walking 1 mile down a paved path to look at a waterfall.

It was a neat waterfall.
I kind of sucked to get home though, and find out that my house had been ransacked and everything of value I owned stolen. :(


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