Tuesday, August 16, 2005


Finally posting pics from my trip back home to visit family and friends. The sis and I had fun taking pictures out on the gandparents farm. My grandparents were dairy farmers, and although retired for all practical purposes, they still have a couple of steers in the old pasture.

JoJo got into it a little more than I did. How ironic that I happen to be wearing my WWGBD t-shirt. Aren't we cute!!

Lady like as always. In case you're wondering, the lawn globe that looks like bowling ball, is actually a bowling ball.

The parents pets. I won't go into this. Words would fail to describe it. At last count, I believe my mother has five cats in the house along with the dog, but its hard to tell, since you don't actually see some of the cats. They just lurk around for food when you aren't looking. Its much like feeding ferrel cats in the alley way behind your apartment, except in this case the ferrel cats reside inside your house. Actually, in this case, most of the alley way resides in your house, including the smell. This can actually work out kind of handily, because neither you nor the cats have to walk as far. Kudos to JoJo on that last picture of Badger. (He's the black and white cat wearing the sock) That's a really good pic.

These are the other pics I found on the camera after giving it to sis for the morning. Apparently she was drawn in by the garage, and its lack of organization. And of course the large concrete deer, its kind of a staple.


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Excellent photos clowning w/the guns. Nice.

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