Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Urban Iditarod

I just came across this website, finding a link to it from the Bay to Breakers Salmon Runners page.

Urban Iditarod Race

This could quite possibly be the coolest race ever held.
Its too late for this years event, but next year is a definite must.

Picture this:
Many people dressed up as dogs.
Said people dressed up as dogs harnessed together and attached to a shopping cart.
Shopping cart is filled with beverages of choice.
A "musher" is standing behind shopping cart.
Entire ensemble races other teams through the traffic of San Fransisco.
Teams required to make numerous "rest stops" through out race, to guarantee that dogs are well watered.

I can't imagine it getting much better than that.


Blogger Frick said...

In understand your aversion to running and dogs, but do you also have something against beer?? (You could use any beverage you wanted obviously)

8:13 AM  

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