Sunday, August 21, 2005

Sexuality, rollerblading, and Ven Diagrams

One of my female friends made the comment that rollerblading is a very "gay" activity. By "gay activity," she didn't mean stupid, she meant "an activity usually associated with homosexual men." I told her that I like rollerblading, although I haven't really done it all in the last three years. I would if I had more time. To demonstrate to her why labeling activities is wrong, I later drew her a ven diagram and emailed it to her. (Click on the picture to zoom and read it completely)

On the larger subject, this has to do with the fact the California girls have extremely mal-tuned gaydar. They drastically increase their type II errors to an extremely high level. Although this does significantly decrease their chance of letting a positive result go unnoticed, it drastically increases the chance of making a false positive. I can understand to some degree, if they've gotten their hearts broken by confused guys, but still take chance! This makes them miss out on all the cool guys.


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