Friday, September 16, 2005

White Water Rafting

I've gotten the opprotunity to spend a lot of weekend time white water rafting this year. One of the guys from work has got his class III guide training cert this spring, and invited me out a bunch of times. His guide mentor later invited me on other trips with them. So far I've done the South Fork of the American river 4 times, the Merced(classIV) once, and one three day trip down the Tuolumne river(Class V). I could break it down trip by trip, but in all honesty, a lot of them would sound the same. "Go to the river, put in, raft, take out." It's one of those things that you really have to be there. Unfortunately, its also not one of those "camera friendly" activities, so I don't have any pictures except for one that Theron bought from the proffessional camera takers that stake themselves out on the rocks by the rapids. This particular one is Trouble Maker rapids.

The plus side is that this costs me next to nothing to do. Some of the trips have been "Friends of the River" nonprofit trips, which only cost about $20-$30 a person. Other trips have been private with people who own their own boats, so I get to go at cost. (Food,gas, parking ect) For example, the Tuolumne trip only cost me $75 for food, permits, parking, tow, ect. That would have been $400 trip with a proffisional company.


Blogger equipoise said...

Are you in that photo? If so, which person are you? I can't tell.

9:06 PM  
Blogger Frick said...

Front and left, with the floppy hat, yellow pfd, blue jacket (later stolen), and blue gloves (later stolen)

9:16 PM  

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