Thursday, December 01, 2005

Tree climbing dog

My mother's dog is crazy. About five years ago, there was a racoon in a tree in front of their house. She tried to climb the tree to get it. The racoon was obviously gone the second day, but she kept trying, for weeks, until she finally made it up. For years, she would love climbing up the tree, and my dad had to put a ramp in so she could get down, and put up a board to prevent her from climbing higher. After she got fixed, however, she was to fat to make it up. She still tries though.
In all honesty, this was just an excuse to try out putting video on my blog


Blogger equipoise said...

I like the way the bark is still worn down (and a different color) from all her climbing attempts.

10:35 AM  
Blogger equipoise said...

I totally missed the cat - good catch, jojo!

8:29 AM  

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