Sunday, August 21, 2005

Triathlon in the works

Yeah, so I kind of signed up to do a triathlon next week.

The campus of the Company in Folsom that I work for has enough people that they hold site games every fall, accurately labeled the "Folsom Games." They have tournaments that last the entire 6 weeks in multiple team events; softball, pool, pingpong, soccer, vollerball..ect. They also have individual events, like a 10k run and a sprint triathlon. While I was debating on whether I wanted to do the 10k, or the tri, I forgot to sign up for either, and missed the deadline, which was a few weeks back. I wasn't to heartbroken about missing it though, because I was considering going to San Fransisco that weekend to do San Fransisco critical mass.

Then, last Wednesday, the we had an RCG (Recent College Graduate) board meeting after lunch to discuss some events we were planning. We decided to hold a large picnic the afternoon of the 27th. Since I hadn't actually made concrete plans for the weekend, I decided to stay in town, and do the picnic. Then I figured, if I'm in town, I might as well see if I can still do the triathlon. So after emailing the coordinator, I was signed up, and now have one week to prepare. Fun times.

Oh yeah, its only 500m, 12 miles, and 5k. Nothing I shouldn't be able handle, accept fot the minor "not being able to really swim" thing.


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