Thursday, December 08, 2005

Out and about

I'm currently out traveling Europe for a month.
(In Germany right now)

I may or may not get a chance to post things as I go.
Expect lot of posts after I get back (Jan 5), including a couple I had in the works before I left.


Blogger jojo said...

Hints for London connection:

The Victoria train station is very close to the Coach house. I got lost, but there are maps and I'm sure you will be fine. This train station connects easily to the Piccadilly line to Heathrow Airport. It is a huge station/shopping mall -- and it had a shower for $3 (in the main station bathroom).

It is a very easy walk to Buckingham palace/grounds. There are lots of maps -- if you walk to the King/Dutch/Prince/Dead dude of York statute and take the street that terminates at the statute out of the park, you will quickly reach the tourist information center (internet) and post office on the left side of the street. Another block or so forward is the Piccadilly Circus tube line that leads directly to Heathrow.

Enjoy your trip!

10:25 AM  

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