Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Drive in Couches

Saturday evening finally allowed a chance to revive a tradition I had a part in starting back in Arizona; going to the drive-in theatre – with a sofa sleeper.

I think the original idea was Rob’s, most likely since he’s the one who owned the couch. He conveniently kept it in his drive way, which made it easy to pull up in Ian’s truck, throw it in, and head on our way. It became a regular Wednesday evening event.

Since moving to Sacramento, and seeing a drive-in in the vicinity, I’ve wanted to introduce the event to others. Javier actually organized it on Saturday, which worked great, since he has a truck. Believe it or not, you can actually fit a queen size sofa sleeper and a large love seat in the back of a Ford Ranger, especially if you stack them “69” style, as Hav referred to it as. Getting the sofa sleeper out of my living room was a little harder than expected, but overall worth the effort.

There were probably 10 of us or so; I’m not sure exactly since some were hiding out in the cars. Next time, I’d recommend maybe going in the actual summer; despite this being California, it was a little chilly. Some of the guys had the foresight to order pizza to be picked up on the way, which went quiet nicely with the cooler of beer. The movie we saw was “Serenity”; a Sci Fi flicked based on the show Firefly. Overall it was a decent movie, with character depth slightly above what most movies portray. It fit drive-in requirements quite nicely; with a simple plot that you won’t miss out on much if you’re talking, a little bit of action to keep it exciting, yet good enough that you don’t feel like you’re wasting your money. Fun times were had, definitely to be repeated, although I’m not sure if that will happen until next summer.


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