Thursday, September 22, 2005

Humbling Mini-Triathlon Results

I have the official results and times from the triathlon I did through work a couple weeks back.


(I can't figure out how to get rid of this large space in the page!!!!)

Bike44:40 (20.1mph)5th
Run21:18(6:52 mpm)4th

(There were two relay teams ahead of me, so that = 2nd place for individuals)

(1)Before start. Hmmm, so we're supposed swim all the way out there?? Splendid. The overall winner is the guy in the red, white, and blue shorts. Maybe I could have gone 11 minutes faster if I had legs that long too. Ok, maybe not. (2) Same scene. The chic I'm talking to won the womens, andI barely beat her. Ok, I admit, I just put in this picture because it makes my back muscles stick out.

The winner of the race, who it turns out is actually a world ranked du-athlete, not tri-athlete as I originally thought, finished over 11 minutes ahead of me. Rather humbling. Also, the winner of the women’s race only finished 15 seconds behind me, but more importantly, she had a faster swim, T1, and bike than me! The swim was assumed, but I was surprised by the bike, although I probably could have squeezed a couple more average mph out on that section. When we were running hills a couple of weeks later, she tried to ease my bruised ego by mentioning that she rides a top end racing bike, while I was riding “that” (As she motioned to the Puge). She immediately followed up though, with pointing out that amount of time I beat her by was actually less than amount of time I gained by running in my bike shoes. (I could then counter, by saying that I maybe lost some running speed my not using running shoes, but I digress)

(1)Get me out of the water, seriously, its best for everyone. (2) Sprinting to fin....Wait, is that something shiny on the side of the road???

I really can’t complain about any of the times, although I should be able to do a sub 20:00 5k, even with out being in real running shape. A year and a half ago I averaged only slightly slower running a half marathon, which is in my mind, a much harder race than a little triathlon like this. Oh well.

This picture makes me laugh. One could easily mistake me for someone who knows what they are doing. Yes, those are bike shoes. I was hoping to get a picture of me running with my bike shoes and swim cap.


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