Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Faith in mankind????

Interesting thing happened to me Sunday afternoon.

There I was, standing in the check out lane at Safeway, silently staring at my would be purchases of a 6 pack of Kaiser Rolls, and a 32oz block of swiss cheese. I had been waiting for about five minutes, when I thought to check and make sure I had my wallet. During any other day of the week, I wouldn’t feel the need to check this. I know that after waking up, I would have immediately grabbed my wallet and keys after putting pants on. Today was Sunday though, which means I woke up, put on comfy pants, and skipped the wallet and keys, them not being immediately necessary. When I needed to go the grocery store, I had just grabbed my bag, pulled Le Puge off the Multi-Bike Compression Super Rack, and headed three blocks down the street to Safe Way. (I needed my keys to lock the door, so that wasn’t an issue)

So, I’m standing there, giving myself a full pat down worthy of a federal aviation security agent, hoping to feel the recognizable lump of a wallet. That’s when it happened. The gentlemen behind me, a totally normal looking, middle aged man, asked me if I wanted help. No, not with patting me down silly, but with paying for my groceries! The person in front of me was still paying, so it’s not even like I was in the awkward position having bagged groceries and a bill sitting in front of me. I told him it was no worry; I only lived a couple blocks away, and stepped out of line, throwing my items on a nearby shelf. As I was unlocking my bike and adjusting my messenger bag, he walked past, (he must also live close by, since the bike racks are at the far end of the parking lot), and smiled saying it happens to him all the time. I politely thanked him again, telling him how nice it was, and carried on my way.

Sometimes people are just so surprising!


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