Saturday, January 15, 2005

Caving in Waitoma, New Zealand

The caving tour group

Mhairi getting all dolled up


Starting the repel


Model canoe in Waitoma village

Friday, January 14, 2005

Rotura, New Zealand

Ever wonder how to get a Zorb back to the top of the hill? A Zorb conveyor of course!

I think that's me

At the bottom

Zorb conquest!

Kiwi sign at the kiwi hatchery, the only place I saw a live kiwi

Tehokowhitu -A-Tu native village built on a thermal area

Kids playing

More of the kids


Old house

Hot gyser

More thermal vents


Thermal stuff

Hot pool

Christian influence

Close up

Meeting house

Thermal vents

Thermal mud pools

More thermal mud pools, in front of a mural

large thermal area


Us in front of the geyser

Thermal lakes

Blue Lake


Start of the traditional dinner and dance

Cooking the food outside

Traditional performance




Audience participation. They picked Mhairi as one of the girls to go up on stage with them



Then they picked me as one of the guys


Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Tongario Northern Circuit: Tongario National Park, New Zealand

Cows being herded up the road

They think they own the place


Inside Look


In the road

Car and cows

Whakapappa Village

Improvised steering wheel lock after the lock on the club broke

Starting the hike

Mt Ngauruhoe at the start. (We climb that eventually)

Mt Ruapehu

On the trail

Us with Ruapehu

Ruapehu (Thats where all the Mount Doom scenes from Lord of the Rings were filmed)

More of Ngauruhoe

On the trail, Mt Ngauruhoe

Mhairi at the start, Mt Ngauruhoe

Mhairi hiking

Sunset at the campsite

More sunset

Sunset with a tent

Mt Taranake with sunset

Mangatepopo Hut

Ngauruhoe Sunset

Campsite sunset

Mangatepop Valley

Soda Springs

waterfall somewhere

Soda Springs

Soda Springs, another candid shot ruined

Mangatepop climb

Mangatepopo Valley


Ngaurahoe Climb

From the top

Red Rim

View from Ngaurahoe

Blue Lake

Me on Ngauruhoe

Mhairi on Crater

Mt Ruapehu from Mt Ngauruhoe

Crater View

Red Rim crater

Ice in crater

Me on crater

Ngauruhoe crater

inside crater

More of crater

More of crater

In crater

In crater

Mhairi on Crater rim

Lakes from crater

Steam coming from inside volcanoe

Ngauruhoe and us

Blue lake

View from summit

Crater Panoramic

Crater Panoramic with Mhairi

random flowers

Mt Ngauruhoe from Mt Tongariro


From Tongariro again

From Mt Tonariro one more time

Emerald Lakes

Mhairi over Emerald Lakes

The trail down

Down to Emerald Lakes

Lunch at Emerald Lake

Lunch spot

Emerald Lake

Oturere Hut

Oturere Valley falls

Walking towards Ruapehu

another random flower


Waihohonu Valley

Waihohonu lunch spot

Mhhhh, bulk cereal.

Mhairi hiking


Mhairi at the stream

Mhairi and the stream

Old Waihohonu Hut

Inside historic hut

Old fireplace

Mhairi at historic Waihohonu hut

Lower Tama Lake

Lower Tama Lake

Taranaki Falls

Behind the falls

Behind falls again

from Taranaki Falls

Mhairi at Taranaki

Driving later?? I really don't remember