Sunday, January 22, 2006

Europe the overview

Here’s the quick recap.

30 days, 5 countries
Although I originally intended on traveling by myself, by the time I met with my sister and other contacts, I ended up spending little time alone, probably a more fun option.

Germany – Heidleberg: 3 days (visiting Carrola)
Germany – Berlin 3 days
Holland – Amsterdam, surround cities: 3 days (with Sherry)
Belgium - Anterwerp 3 days (with Sherry)
Belgium - Bruge 3 days (with Sherry)
France – Grenoble on to Briancon: 3 Days (visiting Virginie)
France – Paris: 3 days
England – London: 2 Days (2 different days)
Scotland – Edinburgh, Braemar, Kirkcaldy: 3 Days (visiting Mhairi)

General observations:
The most fun I had was visiting friends and really getting a chance to experience the culture. You don’t get that doing the tourist stuff. Go traveling if you can!!!

I had expected the cultures to be slightly different, but mainly the same, and I was surprised. I had been thinking that the core cultural features would be fundamentally the same, but just implemented in different ways, but there were definite differences. It’s hard to explain, you’d have to see for yourself…

I'm back

Ok, I’m back in country. Actually I’ve been back for two weeks, but I’ve been sick for the last three weeks, so I’ve slow to get back on the blogwagon.

Europe was fun, and the posts will be coming shortly. I’ll try to get a couple cities up every couple of days, and then I can get back to current events.

I’ll also have a couple of other bloggy things coming up to take up my time. First, I’m collaborating on a site with a friend from high school with the point being to work on our writing skills by, sharing, and critiquing essays on a regular basis. I’m a little behind already (having posted nothing), but hopefully I’ll get caught up soon.

Wednesday Night Essays

Second, I’m starting a journal of my Primal Quest training. I’ve kept training journals in the past, and it’s a lot of fun, and good motivation. It’s especially neat adding up the mileage at the end of the season. I’m still not sure if the whole Primal Quest thing is going to happen or not. I think if I end up getting my relocation money, I’ll be willing to commit. There’s still question of getting the rest of a team together though. Oh yeah, there’s the whole being cable of completing it thing also. I’m not going to post the link for that until I have something substantial though.